Welcome to "Add to Cart" with Ashley-Victoria - let me address the elephant in the room first; there are so many amazing, wonderful brands out there that don't get nearly the enough recognition it deserves; publications not placing a product in their list because there's no affiliate option or their Authority Domain isn't above 50. Trust me, as a publicist and small business owner myself, I get it. That's why I started Add to Cart E-Magazine (vlog coming soon) - an opportunity for promising brands to shine their light.

All products have been reviewed, tried and tested by me and if its something I can't get behind, it's not on here. Lastly, I never accept pay and do not ask for P2P for Add to Cart, some links do have an affiliate to where I do accept a small commission on sales, some links don't.

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I am a partially deaf serial entrepreneur, swimwear designer, coffee addict, dog mom, world traveler, and lifestyle product tester.